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Level Building for TO4: Tactical Operations

Work In Progress / 17 September 2021


I'm currently in the early stages of building a new level for the game TO4: Tactical Operations (which is free on steam - go check it out, its good fun). 

I'm currently at mesh stage, going through optimzing all the meshes & setting up UV's. A few screenshots below of the levels current stage:

As you can see, the walls / floors / ceilings are complete, in their basic form. Next stage is to bring into UE4 and worry about materials & lighting. I will create various props & decals for this so i can drag and drop them into the level. 

After that I will release to alpha for internal testing / make final tweaks & then will get released live in the next patch (january time ETA).

A small clip below of some material testing - this will all change I'm sure in the later stages.

I'll keep you posted with more updates!