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Kummeltje` Graffiti Decal Timelapse Video

General / 09 December 2021

Created in Procreate, this graffiti decal is for one of the Developers for the Steam game TO4: Tactical Operations (free on steam guys so go check it out), This was alot of fun to create and will be used to add more grime to those urban scenes within the levels/maps

Hope you enjoy, I'll try and post a few more when i can



Remus Graffiti Decal Timelapse

General / 08 December 2021

I've put the Remus Graffiti timelapse onto Youtube so you can see the process, all done in Procreate on the iPad then imported into ue4 

Let me know if you enjoy, I have others if anyone is interested



TO Level - MAP-BattleRoyale

General / 05 December 2021

Below are the finished screenshots / video clip of the finished version of the level MAP-BattleRoyale for the (free game on steam) TO4: Tactical Operations.

Peaceful morning

General / 07 October 2021

Peaceful Morning Visuals, not finished yet by any means but a little flavour of a nice morning setting


From Concept to completion

General / 20 September 2021

Hi all,

We've been working on a little wine shop design. The client gave us full design freedom on this one. Worked alongside Furnish&Co who did a great job manufacturing and installing.

A few finished photos & a design snip of the proposed elevations (I wont include all the technical information)

Discord Server

General / 17 September 2021

Hi Friends and followers

Feel free to come and join our discord community anytime

Click HERE for the invite



General / 17 September 2021


I've just setup my Artstation profile and learning my way through, I will be gradually adding more and more content here so keep a look out for new things. I'll keep this blog up to date as much as possible with various projects I'm working on and little sneak peaks wherever possible.

I'm looking forward to getting to know the site and community better!